Multiple Levels of Instruction

Please review the following information to determine the proper level for your student. The director may ask to hear the student play a selected piece and to sight read in order to determine the appropriate playing ensemble.

Students may also be asked to go up or down a level depending on the needs of the student or the director. Please discuss your situation with the director if you have any questions.

Criteria for Each Class Level

The MCYBO is dedicated to meeting the needs and challenges of students at every level of their progress while giving them the opportunity to enjoy playing in an ensemble environment. We offer three levels of instruction, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, to achieve this goal. We also combine groups to allow musicians to be challenged even more and to give the most advanced musicians an opportunity step out as leaders and soloists.

Class meet at The Lutheran Church of St. Andrew on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. See the Calendar for the updated class schedule.

  • Windstars are aged 6 to 8, with or without musical experience. 
  • Ukelele
  • Beginners have no previous experience on their instrument. Most beginners move up to the next level after one year of instruction. Band and String Classes focus on instrument specific technique as well as music reading fundamentals.
  • Intermediates have come through the Beginning classes or have passed an audition with the director. They usually perform at this level for two years.
  • Advanced musicians have gone through the Beginning and Intermediate levels for three years or have passed an audition with the director. 

Further Opportunities

  • Combined Full Orchestra allows the more advanced students to experience the challenge of playing full orchestra repetoire combining winds, strings, and percussion in one group. Musicians for this group should be fluent playing in the more difficult keys on their instrument.
  • Jazz Band musicians are usually from the Advanced classes and must read music well. In addition, Jazz Band uses Piano, Bass, Guitar, and Drumset to fill out the Rhythm Section. All musicians must be technically fluent on their instrument. Jazz Band will meet on a day and location to be determined by the director.