This page is one of the most important on our website! On it you will find a number of useful resources that will help you become better musicians. You will also find links to businesses that provide instrument repair and sell and rent instruments. 
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Music Web Sites

  • Sight Reading Factory (See your director for a code to use to login to this site)
  • DSO Kids(Links to the Musical Instruments page to learn about each instrument)
  • BeginBand This site gives a good overview of why playing a band or orchestral string instrument is important. (There may be suggestions for purchasing an instrument on this site. Understand that we recommend that you rent your child’s first instrument.  Visit one of the local music stores listed below or one in your area. These stores can give you the personal attention that would otherwise be impossible with an online purchase.) The Contact Us page on this link is NOT for MCYBO.

Instrument Rental and Repair Businesses

For students studying string instruments, Mr. Schneider recommends:

Sheet music retailers

Live Music Sites and Venues